Guest Testimonies

Monday, February 3, 2014

"welcome to SA!"

-"lawn care in the fall": so you know how in the U.S. when the leaves fall you rake them up and put them in the trash or the greenwaste?
well here in johannesburg, you rake them too! but not into a bag or anything. into the road! then, you pour gas on them and light a
match:) thats how its done! then, ya just go back inside hahah welcome to SA!
-we hit a big concentration of Muslims here in Bez valley while tracting. the rule is, we cant talk to them because it endangers us and them. so, we thought of a good way anyway to intoduce our message (we wont really break the rules but its fun to joke) i thought that we can knock and instead of saying "hi we're missionaries from the church yada yada restored gospel yada yada" that when a muslim answers the door, we say "hi, would you like to learn more about the prophet muhammed?? *lets us in* just kidding! we're Mormons!!" hahaha we crack oursleves up ;)
-tomorrow ill have been out for 2 months!!!!!!! whoa!!!!!! only 22 more to go  hahaha;)
-big sean and kendrick lamar are coming to concert here in joburg.
elder matos and i decided we'll buy tickets and go if its on our p-day! haha if not, we'll just switch our p-day! (haha we wish
-oh! we also saw lil wayne here in bez valley.. or his twin.. but im sticking with tha carter himself :) cheers!
-thanks to those of you who sent mail!! im busy writing responses when i have time! keep em coming because mail is treated like gold here among missionaries!!

family and friends back home, i love you and appreciate your prayers on our behalf and my behalf:) i pray for you everyday!! uthando!
tha's 'bout it!
elder smith:)