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Monday, October 6, 2014

"We're gonna try an all audio blog post! So plug in your headphones and get ready!"

Hey! The life of this goalie has been toooo nice this week! And this week I think Imma try to do something a little different so I hope it works and I hope it puts a new spin on the blog posts :) We’re gonna try an all audio blog post! So I’ll type some of the main stories/headlines from the week here but in order to get a full story, ya gotta listen :) so plug in your headphones and get ready for Daveyton: 29 Sept-5 Oct.6.
-Updates from lessons of the week: Lebo, Oliver, Jacob, Ntokozo, Thabang, Sello, Anna
-Doing service at Shimi’s house
-Funerals galore :/
-Prepping for general conference! (msh 2:1)
-A trial of faith—fasting
-Other fun stories :)-
(Mom's note: It's a bit long but totally worth it. The best stuff is at the end.)
 As well, enjoy the testimonies of these powerhouses that we get to teach with! We’re spoiled to work with such great young men!
                I love you guys and I miss you but askeese, I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else right now! Salani kahle!
                Elder David Spencer “Tony” Smith

the mission planner "I love to see the Temple"
the back of the mission planner "I am doing a GREAT WORK and cannot come down."
sunset in Daveyton

The Audio Testimony Series