Guest Testimonies

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"he was talking about the temple and he was literally giddy with excitement!"

Welcome to South Africa! A few stories about the realities of mission life in Joburg :) 
Headline: Haircut Time!
Story: Elder Matos cut my hair!!!! haha He did a great job too!! I thought I would have to go with buzzed head for 2 years but nope! I can rock a regular, almost-Spencer haircut for my mission:) cheers!
Headline: Pap is of the Devil
Story: Well, if anyone says they love pap? They’re probably African. If anybody not from Africa says it, they’re probably lying haha Eish, that stuff is soooo heavy and its making me gag every time we eat at a members haha I’m complaining about food, yes its true. but I’m 99% sure you would too if you had to eat 1 kg a week of this stuff -______- haha 
Headline: South Africa: Where the world is your toilet!
Story: hahaha for real, yup, you read it right! Here in SA, if you have to go, don’t worry, just drop your pants and pee on the sidewalk! Never mind that people are watching and might see..... eish. And if you have a bucket! You can go #2 on the sidewalk too! Oh the things you see.... even when you don’t want to see them haha.
Headline: How to Eat Rotten Mangoes/ Achar
Story: I had a new food experience! Achar.....yuck hahah its rotten mangos with a TON of spices and it’s just nasty!! The taste stayed in my mouth for like 4 hours -_____- but the people here love it! They eat it with bread, kota, or just plain with a spoon. Nasty!
Other than that though its all sharp here in Jozi:)  Now for an update on the mish.

We've been teaching this lady, Ruth Mayimbi, with her husband Alpha (who is an returned missionary) and she is on track to be baptized, but its soo cool to see his love for his wife when he translates into French!  (I’m understanding more and more French everyday btw, cool huh!?) Last night, he was talking about the temple with her and he was literally giddy with excitement! 
Tha’s ‘bout it! 
Love, Elder Smith:)
P.S. We have 4 people on baptism date now!! Yes!!