Guest Testimonies

Monday, February 3, 2014

"i finally can be at home now! i have a guitar and lacrosse sticks!!!!" (or- "ohhh to be pranked!")

sorry i dont have a ton of time this time but i have to share my experiences from this past week:) i finally can be at home now! i have a guitar and lacrosse sticks!!!!
the story of how i got my sticks is a good one tho so i hope your ready to hear it:) so the office tell you thru sms (*text) if you have a package. so i got an sms and immediately i couldnt wait for the ZLs (*Zone Leaders) to bring it! the thign was i had to wait 2 days because we werent home when they were in jozi so they gave it to joburg 1 and we didnt see them until friday night. so friday night we go over there and i see the box on the counter! now i had a pretty good idea what it was from the size and weight described to me by the APs but this box was heavey! (the APs said it was light). the box had my name on it and it was from but it was heavy! so i opened it up and there was charcoal, word of wisdom pamphlets, ensigns, a Gauteng province license plate, dish soap and mints in my box. i was so confused and to be honest, mad! haha even more mad when i saw the packing slip that said "stx fiddlesticks". i wanted my lax stuff!! haha they were just like "oh thats so wierd!"  and "how did yourmom send you as GP license plate from utah!?" yeah, like i bought that for a second. so then they finally brought out the gold and i was happy:) hahaha ohhh to be pranked! just wait till i can get them back :) i shall ponder these
we also ran into a situation that was new this week! haha so you know how unless your in colorado that mary J (*marijuana) is illegal in the states??
well, not here in SA! haha we went in to teach this guy about the restoration and he was super drunk :/ then in the middle of the lesson, he pulls out his weed and starts rolling up! while we're there! haha we both looked at each other and ended the lesson. we didnt really want to leave a lesson smelling like we just smoked a freshly rolled joint.... oh johannesburg :p 
other than that this week was fairly normal! appointments fell through and we tracted but the 2 best parts of the work are as follows: 1- we had an investigator come to church!! yes!! hopefully if all goes well she can be baptized into the true church at the end of this month:) and 2- we had a family home evening with this powerful family, the Tsekasa family, and a family from our ward! we bore our testimonies on plan of salvation and what they mean to us and then the Kistons brought a fun game for us all to play! hopefully teh tsekasas will all be baptized:) its looking that way so please keep them in your prayers!!
tha's 'bout it:)
elder Smith
*editor's note- the editor-in-chief is dealing with a thumb injury this week which makes typing difficult so this week's (& last week's late) letter hasn't been edited for spelling, grammar, coherency ;) etc.  enjoy the speed typing of elder smith!