Guest Testimonies

Friday, January 24, 2014

"sometimes ya just gotta spray your comp with some ice"

Finally I get to write some stuff here! Stories and experiences and such straight outta Joburg!
So a last week we went to a place called "carnivor" to eat. YO! It’s perfect for Africa! Haha now I can say that I’ve eaten: zebra, crocodile, Kudu, impala, beef, pork, chicken, and chicken liver all the African way! haha Then we went ice skating! haha I tried not to dazzle all the elders with my skills but, hey, sometimes ya just gotta spray your comp with some ice! ;) haha One of the cool things about being here in Jozi is that the temple is only 15 minutes away from our area! So we have our district meeting on the temple grounds and in the gardens:) it’s so sick!
But then we always face our challenges with being in the city. Lots of people are jokers and just say they want you to come but tell you to come when they’re conveniently at work -____- haha so now elder Matos and I have come up with a new strategy! Instead of giving out our phone numbers for them to call us, we set up appointments right then and there! It seems to really help and we are more and more busy!  We’ve even got one of our investigators set on baptism date!! Leslie Ncube (n-tsk sound-oo-bay) is progressing to be baptized on 16 March!!  He even committed right then and there to give up alcohol and coffee to live the Word of wisdom!! It’s so cool to see how the Lord prepares people to be taught and how to choose to change their own lives! If there is one thing I’ve been able to learn, it’s that people have their agency and you have to respect it just like God respects it.
We also got the privilege to meet this awesome guy named Patrick! We can’t teach him since he stays in Joburg 1's area but he works a fruit and veg stand in our area! We met him because I wanted to buy his guitar off of him and so it all began! haha He said he wanted to be a musician and his fruit and veg was just a way to get his stuff recorded (right there I knew I wasn’t gonna buy it from him, I just couldn’t!) But now, he has come to church and even brought friends!! He doesn’t even have a car but he still comes to church without having the 1st lesson. What I love most about Patrick though is how his face lights up when he sees us! It’s really my face that lights up though and I can see how much the gospel can benefit him! Family and friends, please pray that the Joburg 1 elders will contact him soon:) so since I didn’t want to buy Patrick’s guitar, I’m buying one from an elder here in the mission for only R400! I hope it’s good quality and I’m waiting on a picture and feedback so I know if I want to buy it or not but I can’t wait to have a guitar!! It’ll definitely fill a gap haha! 
I love you all and appreciate your prayers on my behalf and on behalf of those here in SA:) they mean more than I can describe!! Oh hey, in 8 days I’ll have been out 2 months :) time flies! Haha
Tha’s ‘bout it!
Elder Smith
Welcome to Joburg- haha!