Guest Testimonies

Monday, January 6, 2014

"This work is hard but fulfilling..."

Hello everybody!!
 Well I hope you guys had a great holiday season and I apologize I didn't get a chance to write last week but, as always, time is very valuable here! So I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and encourage you all to set some goals! We can all be better and do better, haha this is something I've found out is that we always can improve in something:)
So for New Year's here in Jozi, we can’t go outside cause crime is crazy on holidays cause everyone is drunk :/ it’s sad for sure... so we invited all the missionaries from our zone over to our flat for a braai (bbq) and it was dope!! So good and so much fun:) we had wors, chicken, steak, and pap!
So the bummer is though, last p-day, we played rugby after email and, yup, I got hurt.... like my ankle has been soo swollen and purple this last week its crazy!! I was running the ball and stepped in a hole and twisted my ankle bad -______- luckily the worst pain went away and we didn’t have to tract that day haha but it sure made me count my blessings for being healthy and uninjured haha.
This work is hard but fulfilling and this past week has started a change in my life that will be for the better no doubt! I read a talk by Pres. Uchtdorf called "you can do it now!" from Oct 2013 conference and it inspired me!! If there is one thing my mission has taught me, it’s what I really want in life and who I am as an individual. Family and friends, I want you all to know that I know the Lord has a plan for each of his children and he is just waiting to bless us if we only have the courage to disregard what the world says and follow what he says. I know this to be true and I’ve felt very strong feelings of love from our Savior and Father in Heaven and they love all of us!!! I would ask humbly that you keep me in your prayers for this next week as I know a bumpy road is ahead! It’ll all be worth it tho!
I apologize this letter is short and all over the place but we only have so much time. Know that you are all in my daily prayers and that I love you all:) love from South Africa!
Tha’s ‘bout it!
Elder David Spencer Tony Smith
p.s. Oh did you guys know that Norm Bangerter (Bangerter Highway and the governor) was a mission president in the South Africa Joburg mission!!?? Crazy!!
p.s.s. Here in Joburg for New Year’s Eve, I continued the family tradition of sparkling cider when it turned New Year’s and we were up on this hill at midnight (we had permission don’t worry :P ) and saw allllll the fireworks in the whole Gauteng Province!! It was super cool!!