Guest Testimonies

Saturday, January 31, 2015

This is the first time on my mission where a whole family is investigating together!

January 26, 2015
The parable of the Fruit Tree: the fruit you bear is the fruit you carry.
The parable of Fire: where there is smoke, there is fire.
The parable of Who,  Me? Once, as a young police officer in the city of Los Angeles in the infamous sections of Watts, Elder Scott was patrolling the streets when he saw a hoodlum wandering around. Now, this guy was the only one on the street and even the block but when Elder Scott said: “Hey you, come here.” He replied, “who, me!?” “No, not you, that buffalo!”  haha so always remember, “Who, me?”
I hope that we can all learn the intended lessons from these deep parables. There is infinite wisdom in the School of Scott and we would all do well to ponder these teachings in our hearts.   Hahaha if you’re confused, it’s probably one of those “you have to be here” moments but I needed to share! I mean, how can I be selfish and keep all this wisdom that I’m learning to myself.
                To be honest, I think the depth of the things I’m learning go a bit beyond the parables of Elder Scott. This week has been a very wonderful blessing! We have had the chance to do a lot of traveling! We went to Sabie, Barberton, and Lydenburg. We traveled about 350Km, taught some amazing people and just flat out enjoyed our week!
                We have been teaching a family that we found on exchanges last year and they have been progressing like crazy! Ben Mahlangu is the father and Thuli is his wife. They have 3 young kids: Nondumiso (14), Siyabonga (11), and Sinathemba (9mo) and they are just a great family! Well the parents came to our scripture study class on Wednesday night and then the whole family showed up to church yesterday!!! This is the first time on my mission where 1- a whole family is investigating together and 2- the whole family came to church when we invited them! The best part is that they all enjoyed it and said they felt very welcome.
                During our Lydenburg trip we got to see our favorite man Calisto (well the Scotts got to see and teach him) and Elder Kankkunen and I were meeting with the Sigauke family. The Sigaukes lived in the branch for a long time while he was the branch president but then they moved down to Benoni and attended the Rynfield ward. Then, they felt they needed to move back and already, in 2 weeks, they have livened up our branch :) they are really great people! What’s cool is that Bro. Sigauke joined the church in Daveyton when the Daveyton branch first got started in the 90s! So that’s cool talking with him about my former area!
                All in all it’s been a wonderful week and I’m loving being with Elder Kankkunen! He is an amazing teacher and a great missionary! I’m definitely learning a lot from him!
                Eish I’m out of time! haha I hope you all have an equally as great week!!!
Elder Spencer “Tony” Smith, GOALie!

P.S.  Here’s a picture tour of our flat! Bathrooms included cause I know you wanted to see them ;)