Guest Testimonies

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"It's hard sending off a great companion like Elder Ah Wong."

Elder Smith was very preoccupied and busy on P-Day and didn't have much time for emailing as he was getting ready for transfers. (He's promised us a great blog post next week!)  In his own words:
"Mom, it's hard sending a great companion off like Elder Ah Wong. In fact you could probably get me to tear up easily as I think about what a blessing he was to me and my life! What occupies most of my mind-capacity right now is all the crazy stuff we have to accomplish before transfers. Imagine how it is right before the family leaves to Hebgen and you have a billion things on your mind and that's how I feel!"
The Nelspruit group- Elder & Sister Scott, Elder Ah Wong & Elder Smith
Their little group took one last jaunt to the edge of their district (near Mozambique) together last week. 

Ah Wong & Smith!

I don't know where they were specifically, but it's incredible!

Apparently the other elders reassembled their beds for them when they weren't home.
The Fort!

The essentials?

A great place to have planning meeting.
Cool bookends to match his Rhino-hide scriptures.