Guest Testimonies

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a picture is worth 1000 words.... right?

At least that's what this mommy is trying to tell herself after the tiny little email this week.  The good news is that Elder Smith is feeling much better now.  The bad news is that's about all he had time to write. So enjoy these photos with me instead :)  Hopefully we'll get a better update next week!

LOVE this smile :)  Looking sharp!
(to say this in a genuine South African accent, pronounce sharp- "shop")

Nyiko's Baptism (by his Dad Bro. Eddie)

There is so much smoke in the air from the people burning wood stoves that Daveyton has beautiful sunsets! 

Elder Smith & Elder Clegg looking "righteous"

Johannesburg Temple

Elder Allen- one of Elder Smith's buddies from the mission 

Mormon Helping Hands Day- they painted the bathrooms at Hulwazi High School

There's that smile again!
PS if you want a better account of the week of the Smith/Clegg companionship, visit Elder Clegg's blog.