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Friday, July 25, 2014

One Year Ago Today: Opening the Call

     Although Elder Smith's mission call arrived on Wednesday, July 24, 2014, he wanted to wait until his friends and family could join us to open his mission call so we set the big, white envelope on the mantel to wait.....
On July 25th, we packed his wonderful, supportive friends and family into our tiny, little house. It was standing room only- body to body! We were so grateful for everyone for their support & love of Spencer (& for their patience in such warm, crowded conditions!)
(sorry if you hate your candid shot...)

     With a flourish, Spencer opened the long-awaited call:

(sorry it's so wiggly... i was crying, cheering, laughing...)


Suddenly 9,950 miles felt a little bit closer!
And we we were totally interested in anything from South Africa!

We got excited about this temple.

 This tugged at our hearts.

 And we bought one of these!

     But most of all, it just felt right.  The spirit confirmed to our hearts & minds that Elder Spencer "Tony" Smith was meant to be in Johannesburg, South Africa.  He was meant to be in the care of Presidents Omer and Dunn.  He was meant to serve the beautiful people with whom he would come in contact in the various areas he would live and work.  He was meant to be taught and influenced by the companions he would be called to serve with.  Heavenly Father knows Spencer- his strengths and weaknesses- and placed him there that He might accomplish a mighty work, both in Johannesburg, and within Elder Smith!  We look back at the last year and feel the mighty power of God in providing a way and means to send this boy on his mission.   We feel the comfort of the Spirit speaking peace in our hearts when we miss each other.  We feel the power of protection as we pray for one another.  We see miraculous changes in our hearts as we become more of what He wants us to be. The blessings have poured forth beyond our expectation.  What a sacred privilege it is to be a missionary, and a missionary family.  We are so grateful for the experiences of this year of service and sacrifice & look forward to more as Spencer continues to fulfill his calling in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission!