Guest Testimonies

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Transfer news came in and I found out I was leaving [Johannesburg]"

May 4, 2014
Elder "Tony" in __________!!!!
Alright well, transfer news came in on Saturday night and I found out I was leaving and then on Tuesday at tranfers, we found out where we were going! And now, Elder Smith has been called to build the kingdom in the township of Daveyton! Yo yo yo yo yo it is a different lifestyle here but its sooo cool! Haha livin the kasi life!! Everything is SOOOO different to serving in the city! All the street corners look the same and it'll for sure be rough to try to learn but I already know I’m gonna love it too much! So I’m here serving with Elder Stilgoe! My new companion and the District leader of our district (Daveyton 1 & 2). He grew up in York and now his family stays in Sussex, England. Yo he is a sweeet guy! I can definitely say that this is my favorite companionship so far! We get along too well and we both want to work hard so we both push each other to accomplish our goals and get better! Finally! Haha:) I think we're both in the same boat in the way that we both came from... less than excited companions haha so now we're ready to work again! 
But anyways, Elder Stilgoe is a super cool guy to serve with. He's 9 months on mission and has been here in Daveyton for 3 months. Before, he was serving in Dobsonville in Soweto so township is all he knows; no worries, I’m in good hands! But he played semi-professional soccer back in England and is freakin good! And as good as he is at soccer, he is even better at being a missionary. We both want to get better, get the area better than we found it, and teach with the spirit and so far, that’s what we've been doing. But I can tell that this wi!
So yeah this is a crazy new experience but is going to be fun. The people here are too cool and nice and humble as well! When we tract, sometimes we are able to go right in and teach a lesson right then and there! And when we were in church yesterday, we were welcomed with open arms. #churchistrue :) 
As this is my second area, there were a lot of new changes. Companion, area, ward, people, and even flat and leadership as well. like I said, in the last flat it was just a two man and only us in our  whole complex but now, we have our whole district (me, Stilgoe, Graham, Kewuti) in a 4-man flat here in the suburb of Farrarmere in Benoni (about 10min outside of Daveyton) and it is a party!! (Don’t worry, we keep it obedient haha)
But yeah homies back home, all is great on mission and for the first time I’ve asked myself where the last 5 months have gone! Eish, we call home in a week and that’ll be my 2nd call home :P crazy!! 
But I want to leave with my testimony that the Lord will have his voice heard and His work will go forward. We had a cool experience the other day that confirmed these principles. Elder Stilgoe and I were tracting after a dropped appointment and when we were about to head to our next appointment, our car wouldn’t start. It would turn the engine over but it wouldn’t idle and just die unless it was given gas. So we gave it gas and started to drive hoping it wouldn’t die but then the steering wheel locked up and died and we pulled in front of a house. Seconds later, the owners pulled up and offered to help us. Our phone was dying so they offered to let us into their house to charge their phone as we called the mission vehicle guy. He gave us a solution and by simply flipping the key upside-down, the car started. Without those turn of events, we wouldn’t have met the family much less got into their house to introduce who we are and set a return appointment. MIRACLE!!! But experiencing this firsthand has made me realize that obedience brings success but exact obedience brings miracles! And the Lord will have his purposes brought to pass and Daveyton will soon be the best area in the mission!!! Siyabonga and Salakahle!
Tha's 'bout it!
Elder Smith