Guest Testimonies

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"This post goes out to my lax bros back home."

This post goes out to my lax bros back home. I finally found someone who knows my sport!! And he is my new zone leader!! haha Elder Tew played attack for Bingham’s varsity team in 2011 and remembers me playing against him! haha Funny thing is that he remembers having to actually set up an offense when I came into the game after their plan was, and I quote him, "all we had to do was score 3 easy goals on Talyn and we knew he would lose it" hahaha I love Talyn and everything he taught me about goalie but I had to laugh when Elder Tew said that! But it’s been great to talk lax with him and to just actually have someone who loves it as much as I! Guaranteed we will talk about it today when we go play rugby with the zone :)
Oh and for my pal Joe Otta-Otta, I met Elder Jensen from WJ!